Design, Modify, Repair


I design and build effects pedals under my own brand, (David Evans Audio Designs)fx. I currently offer in my product line a couple Fuzz pedals, a Graphic EQ pedal, and a Preamp/Overdrive/Distortion “amp in a box” pedal. I also build occasional custom and one-off pedals.


Modifications, Repair, and Custom work

I’ve done various modifications and repair work to audio gear including pedals, mic preamps, eqs, compressors, amps, microphones, and have also built custom racked vintage channel strips, custom effects pedals, and microphones. Contact me about custom work.


Outboard Gear
I design and build recording gear including the design and manufacture of the Flickinger Audio Twin Flicks microphone preamplifier and clone of the original 535-7 opamps. I am currently designing more offerings for this venture as well as some 500 series pcb kit offerings and Colour modules.