ETR distortion device

ETR distortion device

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A preamp, overdrive, and distortion (“amp in a box”) pedal based on the Sunn Concert Lead guitar amp. The preamp section with 3 band EQ is a direct clone of the silverface Sunn circuit dialed in to sound like a cranked amp. Switch the distortion in and turn up the ‘distort’ knob for massive Sunn distortion tones, and use the Boost switch and Boost potentiometer to control an additional on board 21 dB volume boost. A toggle switch allows you to place the boost either pre or post for boosting into the distortion (pre) getting even more crushing Sunn distortion tones or using after the distortion (post) as a clean volume boost for lead/solo playing. The boost can also be used independently of the preamp and distortion circuitry to access the clean boost for the rest of your signal path at any time.

Buy a fully built and tested pedal, or seize the means of production and buy the DIY kit consisting of a PCB set, machined and engraved enclosure, and BOM+Build documents to build your own!

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