(david evans audio designs)fx

(DEAD)fx is the result of years of diy tinkering, modding, and building effects pedals for my own use as a guitarist and recording engineer. At a certain point I stopped simply building clones and started prototyping circuits with more unique circuit design variations and my own selected improvements. I'm taking the designs I feel are worthy and readying them for the big time with modern manufacturing courtesy of our shop at Avenson Audio. Check out what I've done so far... Made in Austin, TX, USA


Comrade 532 EQ
10 band Graphic EQ pedal with clean blend and an insert send/return loop for eqing additional pedals only in the loop and blending back in your clean tone. Variable high and low pass filters also on-board. Can be used as a pedal at unbalanced instrument level or as an outboard eq with TRS balanced line level signal.


Eat the Rich distortion device
Preamp/Overdrive and Distortion pedal based on the Sunn Concert Lead preamp section. 3 band bass, mid, treble eq control, switchable distortion control, and added on-board 21 dB boost with pre/post toggle switch. Available as a DIY kit (pcb, documentation, and optional enclosure) or pay for a fully built unit.


I can’t feel my Face SUPER-FUZZ
Heavily modified and tuned Univox Super-Fuzz clone in a 1590a mini pedal enclosure size. Variable tone control tuned to a different center frequency and scoop amount than the original for my personal taste, and variable clip control to adjust diode clipping. MCU controlled true bypass relay switching with momentary hold mode.