Comrade 532 EQ

Comrade 532 EQ


A 10 band EQ pedal packed with a ridiculous amount of features to make this the only graphic EQ pedal you will ever need again. Let me break it down for you…
- 10 band Graphic EQ with custom frequency points (Urei 530 or API 560 frequency versions)

- Send and Return jacks to use as an optional insert loop to EQ the pedals in the loop.

- Clean blend knob to blend back in your input tone with the EQ’d send/return loop, or leave this loop unused to simply use it as a standard Graphic EQ with a clean blend… “Parallel EQ”.

- PRE/POST pushbutton for routing the graphic EQ circuitry before or after the Send/Return loop.

- Volume on it’s own potentiometer (not a fader).

- On board sweepable Hi and Low pass filters switchable in and out of circuit.

- Soft touch footswitch MCU controlled relay true bypass switching.

- Low noise floor, small form factor, robust.

- Runs on standard 9v boss style pedal power supply with internal power circuitry generating high headroom +/- 15V supply rails for higher quality audio signal.

And for the cherry on top…

- All the jacks are TRS and the input/output stages are designed to accept either unbalanced instrument level or balanced line level signal and output the corresponding unbalanced (instrument) or balanced (line) signal. TRANSLATION: You can also use this pedal as a line level outboard EQ for recording/mixing duties. Patch it in on a vocal, drum, bass, synth, horn, or guitar track and use the Graphic EQ like you would any studio outboard EQ.

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