I can't feel my Face SUPER-FUZZ

I can't feel my Face SUPER-FUZZ


A favorite among vintage fuzz lovers, the Univox Super-Fuzz is known for it's thick massive square-wave fuzz tones via Germanium diode clipping and a full-wave rectification circuit that adds a bit of upper octave and lower octave into the signal. While the original circuit earned it's due recognition as an incredible sounding fuzz, there have always been some aspects of the circuit that I found a bit frustrating and lacking in some respects. I went about trying to fix these issues in the original Super-Fuzz pedal and what resulted was the "I can't feel my Face" SUPER-FUZZ.

Volume – This Super-Fuzz has increased volume from the original Super-Fuzz circuit, there’s even an extra +21 dBu of boost on tap if desired to really drive the front end of your amp hard and liven up your sound.
Fuzz – Increase the amount of fuzz from lower distortion settings to higher.
Mid-Scoop control – I’ve altered the frequency center and amount of mid-scoop from the original Super-Fuzz circuit to take out just enough for that low end ballsy scooped sound, but not too much loss of mids and highs so that you can still hear your note definition and maintain clarity in a mix. I also changed this to a potentiometer control on v2, allowing you to sweep anywhere in between the two tone settings to get your perfect preference of mid-scoop amount.
Clean Up – An internal trimpot is added in circuit which alters the amount of subtle octave effect to the fuzz and allows for a range which enables you to roll back on your volume knob and clean up your sound or a more noiseless setting that is more gated when rolling off volume. The stock setting is the noiseless ‘gated’ like the original circuit.
Modern Mini-Pedal 1590a size – It’s the modern era, we use modern schematic and pcb layout design techniques, 3D modeling, and precision machining (all in-house) to manufacture a robust and durable pedal in a very small form factor to benefit the modern player who views space as a commodity.

NEW ON THE V2 of the I can’t feel my Face SUPER-FUZZ-

1. Mid scoop potentiometer tone control.
2. Clip (diode biasing) potentiometer control.
3. Soft touch foot switch with MCU and relay controlled True Bypass switching. I have added some clever programming which allows for both latching mode and momentary modes on the same foot switch. Simply press once and release for latching turn on and off. Or press and hold for more than ~1s to automatically be in momentary mode in which once released the pedal will turn back off (bypassed). The same applies for a momentary bypass (play with the fuzz on, press and hold for bypass clean tone, and release to go back to your fuzz tone).

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